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MAXI Custom-Built Units—
The Solution You’re Looking For!

Your usual supplier can’t deliver a vehicle that meets your needs? Your municipality has special requirements? Your emergency vehicle needs a little extra something to improve its performance? Tell us your ideas and our Maxi experts will bring them to life.

With thousands of trucks built to date, MAXIMETAL has solutions for your problems! With pumpers, tankers, pumper-tankers, rescue units, and custom-built mobile units, MAXIMETAL delivers much more than your usual standard equipment and options—we make sure you truly get the max out of your vehicles.

For custom-built trucks that always put safety first, MAXI Fire is the name you need.

A few examples of our expertise in custom-built fire trucks:

Fire / Decontamination truck, with extreme cold kit, for the Oil & Gas industry

  • Pumper with a 2,000 GPM pump, Class B foam system, and water (900G) and foam (200G) tanks
  • Insulated and heated water and foam tanks
  • 3 ANSI-standard decontamination showers
  • 500 lb. Purple K extinguisher and 2 nitrogen cylinders

Forest fire truck, overseas service

  • All-wheel drive
  • Bronze pump
  • Telescopic canon
  • Custom roll cage and custom brush guard bumpers
  • Sprinkler system around the cab and under the truck

Pumping Station

  • 20 ft. container insulated with sprayed urethane, interior PVC finish
  • Heated and lit
  • Aurora 500 GPM pump that meets NFPA 20-2007 standard with two 2.5 inch outlets and two 2.5 inch fire department connections
  • Ebara 3 hp sanitary pump with a 4 inch outlet
  • One 200 amp/600 volt electrical panel and one 100 amp/120 volt electrical panel
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